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Ruben's Veggies in your community

Open Year Round

2720 Fairway Rd. S, Lethbridge, AB                                         856 Heritage Blvd. W, Lethbridge, AB

2667 Scenic Dr. N, Lethbridge, AB

Medicine Hat and Redcliff

OPEN 8am-8pm, Daily

1740 Gershaw Dr. SW, Medicine Hat, AB
3158 Dunmore Rd. SE, Medicine Hat AB

OPEN 8am-8pm, Daily

703 Broadway Ave. W, Redcliff, AB

It's always better when it's fresh

Ruben's has been serving the community
with healthy local food since 1996.

Our veggies are straight from the greenhouse to your plate at an affordable price. We also sell goat soap, farm fresh, free-range eggs, and authentic, Canadian-made gouda cheese.

Can't decide?

We offer a popular variety bag, which a fresh selection of mini cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers all in one package. Learn more about how we grow the veggies you can find in

Our Variety Bag
Ruben's Veggies Produce

Our Produce

Our produce is harvested and packaged within the
same day, and on the shelf by the next day.

Ruben's is proud to provide the community with great-tasting, farm fresh produce. A feat no other big box grocery store can manage. We have the freshest vegetables available, and that is a guarantee!

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