What's In Our Name?

Ruben's Veggies was founded in 1996.

It was founded by Ruth and Ben(Ru-Ben) Veurink. Now their daughter, Chloe, works alongside her father as a grower. Their son, Brennan, is responsible for the market garden produce. While their other son, Tesema, cares and tends to their free-range chickens.

Ruben's is passionate about providing the freshest produce at a rate that everyone can afford. We use advanced technology and expert techniques to provide the best tasting vegetables possible. We are also environmentally conscience growers, using a bio-control program, this means we use good bugs to fight the bad bugs, keeping our veggies natural.

Our stores are cashierless and unmanned. This allows us to keep our stores open for longer hours and reduce expenses, meaning your vegetables at an affordable rate. All stores now have self-serve check-out kiosks for credit and debit card payments!

From The Best Little Greenhouse in the West, we are proud of our name and all it represents! 

Ruben's Vegetables